Sand Storage and Delivery

Sand Storage and Delivery

Single Attached Pump System System

Multiple Attached Pump

Hopper capacity 40001b.

Bulk Basket Brackets on top of the Hopper.

支架定位 & hold a bulk basket, 35001b capacity.
Center-mounted pipes pierce liner bag bottom to release the sand.

The hopper can be supplied with multiple sand pumps for multiple machines

我们的新设计 砂泵 is an improvement over traditional pneumatic sand pumps

Bulk Sack lifted above and sand released into it.

辅助泵(s). 可以喂1. 2, 3, or 4 Receiving Units.

能力/泵: Batch transport dry fine sand size range 60 to 140 USDA.
批处理大小: 1至24磅(.45 to 10.每批9公斤)
周期频率: 每分钟最多2个.
Connyance: 气动压力
传输距离: Max 20 ft Horizontal x 10 ft Vertical
安装用法兰: 12“dia. (30.48cm)
螺栓模式: 11“dia. (27.94cm)
螺栓孔: 8日,官“-16 3/8.
电磁电机: 120V 1 Ph值60Hz .47个音箱
压缩空气: 40psi, 30scfm, dry air only, (1) 3/4″ NPT/Pump
标准设备: (1)每项空气调节器 & Solenoid Valve (hopper-mounted)
  • 维度: 78 3/4″ H x 42 5/8″ x 38 5/8″, Pump Outlet 2.5”从地板上


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